Helmet Heapro Eleceli

Electrical SAFETY HELMET ( Class E ) offers dielectric protection upto 20000 volts to the user’s head.

Made out of special grade ABS material with novel design.
Available in 8 point textile suspension for comfort wearing.
Light weight yet strong to ensure extended working hours.
Universal slots allow hearing, welding and visor accessories to be attached easily.
Available in unvented model and easy to use ratchet design.
Adjustable head band size from 52 cms to 63 cms
Suitable for ELECTRICAL maintenance staff.
Tested to withstand 20000 volts for 3 mins
Available in white color.
ANSI/ISEA Z89.1-2014 Certified

Standard Packing of 20xBox

Skin friendly sweat pad, chin strap and cushion pad for extended working comfort.